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Winter Olympics Trivia Quiz 2

This is our second weekly winter olympics trivia Quiz. Answer the questions below to test your knowledge of the Winter Olympics.

1. What nation has won the most total medals at the Winter Olympic Games?
a) Sweden
b) United States
c) Norway

2. What country hosted the first winter olympics in 1924?
a) Sweden
b) France
c) Norway
d) Finland

3. Toni Nieminen of Finland was the youngest male olympian to win an Olympic gold medal. How old was he? ?
a) 12 years old
b) 14 years old
c) 16 years old
d) 18 years old

4. What country has hosted the Winter Olympics more times than any other country?
a) Norway
b) France
c) Germany
d) United States

5. True or False? Australia and New Zealand are the only two countries south of the equator that have ever won medals at the Winter Olympics.

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